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ESEE 6 Series


The ESEE-6 is a premium, high-performance Survival / Bushcraft / Camping / Hunting / Military knife. It is a no-nonsense knife that you can stake your life on when it comes to performance and durability. The reason? Because the people behind this knife developed it by experience and practical application... not theory. Whether you are in the military, a survivalist or an outdoors-man, this knife will soon become your best companion as you experience its superb form and function.

The drop point blade design lends itself very well to a variety of tasks including field dressing and preparation of large and very large-sized game animals. The ESEE-6 is ideal for situations where a larger knife is needed and is still compact enough to make carrying easy. It's a great knife for camp use and for most any bushcraft needs.

The specially designed handle provides a sure, comfortable grip to help reduce fatigue. It also features a rounded pommel with lanyard hole and a plain cutting edge.