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TKC G10 Handle for ESEE 5/6 - Earth Camo, 1X1

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Guaranteed to transform the look and function of your knife!

Purchase handles for ESEE-CM6

Our TKC ESEE 5 & 6 G10 Handle is professionally crafted by CNC machinists, the TKC ESEE 5 & 6 G10 Handle is designed to provide a solid, comfortable grip for extended use in the field. They feature a contoured profile so the knife fits more naturally and comfortably in your hand. The light textured finish provides excellent grip in slippery use situations, and cleans up easily. Access to the lanyard hole at the back of the handle is preserved, letting you secure your knife with paracord or other methods.

Assembling your new custom handle is quick and easy. Instructions and mounting hardware are included. You may install your ESEE 5 & 6 G10 Handle set in as little as 60 seconds.

Designed for all Rowen made RAT Cutlery Model ESEE 5 or ESEE 6 Knives and sheaths.

Note: Does not fit the Ontario RAT-5 or 7. You may search our website for compatible Ontario handles.

ESEE Knives requests that you contact us for warranty replacement for both blade you purchase with a TKC handle on it. Due to G10 batch variations, the color, textures, and layering may vary from what is pictured.

Handle Length:
4 7/8" (12.38 cm)
Handle Material:
Handle Weight:
3.4 oz
I have purchased several different types, all fit perfectly, feel very comfortable and look like a brand new knife! Highly recommend these scales but also the service is fast and helpful.
Terrific service and fast delivery from TKC, just 4 days from ordering to delivery! I ordered these scales for my ESEE 6 and am very pleased. installation was easy and quick. After some adjusting I carefully tightened the screws then inspected the fit which was perfect with all edges mating exactly to the knife. This addition made a great tool even better. The slight palm swells enhanced my purchase on the knife making it more comfortable to use, much better than the original micarta scales, the light texturing offers better traction in my opinion. These G10 scales are the answer. Side note: these scales are still compatible with my original factory sheath. I strongly recommend this upgrade. Thank you TKC!
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