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Custom Kalahari Hunter


Could the Bark River Knives Custom Kalahari Hunter be the ultimate fixed blade hunting knife? When you consider the design features, it would certainly have to be at least a top contender! It excels at cleaning medium sized game such as hogs on up to extra-large game such as moose and bear. It is a very stout knife but the features allow it to be nimble and handle very efficiently in the hand. The blade is a semi-skinner style with a false edge designed into the point. The semi-skinner style blade is a hybrid design combining a straight back hunter with a skinner style blade. The tip of the blade is just below the main part of the spine and the overall design emphasizes more the straight hunter blade usage. The blade tip design is great for splitting large leg joints. The handle is superbly designed with a palm swell and contouring that provides for s secure, comfortable grip even with extended use.

The Custom Kalahari is designed to do it all… field dressing, skinning and carcass breakdown. What more could a guy ask for?

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