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Cold Steel Knives


Good looks are important, in knives as much as in life! Perfect fits, clean lines, precise grinds and beautiful polishes all add value and satisfaction when you buy a knife. Often, the true beauty of a knife only becomes apparent when the knife is used! At Cold Steel,® we believe that all of our knives must perform. We insist all of our knives deliver extraordinary performance for their asking price — “they must deliver their money’s worth”. In order to achieve this goal, we are vitally interested in all the elements that are critical to performance. When it comes to the blade, these include profile, thickness, blade geometry, edge geometry, steel and heat treatment. Every one of these factors is studied in minute detail to arrive at the optimum combination for a specific use. If the knife is a folder, we concentrate on the locking mechanism to ensure the strongest, safest construction. For handles, we strive to develop the perfect mix of materials and ergonomics to offer the most comfortable secure grip available. Above all, we TEST what we make! Rigorous testing is the only way to ensure we get the level of performance we demand.

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