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Classic Drop Point Hunter (Loveless, CPM 154 Steel)


In about 1995, the late Bob Loveless gave Mike Stewart (Bark River Knives’ owner) the drawings for the hunting knife he designed and asked him to make it. The Classic Drop Point Hunter is the result. What we now have is a Bob Loveless designed knife with Bark River Knives’ high-performance features, at a fraction of the cost of an original Bob Loveless knife!

This design was Bob’s idea of the perfect knife for hunters to carry while pursuing all medium and large species of North American game. The slightly lowered point aids in preventing the piercing of the stomach or intestines of the animal while field dressing. The other subtle feature of the design is how the sharp edge drops away from the line of the hand to increase the cutting angle and make the knife cut more efficiently. The Bark River Knives’ version of the Drop Point Hunter is the same size as the original Loveless knife. The main difference is that Bob’s knives were hollow ground and the Classic Drop Point Hunter features Bark River Knives’ famous, razor sharp convex grind.

This is a “classic” design with a Bark River Knives flair to it!

The handle of the Classic Drop Point Hunter is shaped to fit your hand like a glove.

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