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Canadian Special (3V Steel)


The Canadian Special has been one of the backbone knives of the Bark River Knives lineup since it was first introduced into the Canadian Series. The Canadian Series has its roots in the Bow Back designs that are commonly called Canadian Skinners. The Canadian Special is the belt knife size that has become the standard size hunters and outdoorsmen feel most comfortable using.

Most who know Bark River Knives owner, Mike Stewart… know that this is his favorite belt knife of this size. Making the knife in CPM-3V has really stepped up the performance of a knife that is already a solid and exemplary performer.

The CPM-3V is even tougher than the Standard A-2 and holds its edge even longer.

The CPM-3V version of the Canadian Special is skeletonized to allow the production crew to see what version they are building more than having any real advantage in using the knife. The CPM-3V version also has a notch in the choil area to help everyone to see the difference.

Another change on this year’s run was switching to corby bolts instead of pins which improves attachment strength of the scales.

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