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Canadian Camp Knife II


The Bark River Knives Canadian Camp Knife II is the latest addition to the Canadian Guide Series. It is the largest knife in the series and has been designed for chores commonly encountered in a camp. The knife is perfect for camp kitchen duty and will make quick work of chopping vegetables, slicing bacon and sectioning large pieces of meat. It is also a great knife for large game carcass breakdown such as deer, elk or moose. The Canadian Camp Knife II also excels at wood chopping and batoning when it’s time to get a fire going. It is a very handy tool for shelter building as well. The design of the knife makes it a great draw knife for removing bark, shaping logs or fleshing out hides.

The bottom line… Everyone who spends time in the outdoors (and especially those who camp) will find the Canadian Camp Knife II an indispensable tool!

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