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Bushcrafter (3V Steel)


The Bark River Knives Bushcrafter is a full-sized knife capable of handling many outdoor task and especially excels at woodcraft. Even though it is considered a full-sized knife, it is compact enough to easily belt carry or pack on any outdoor trip. The contoured handle is shaped for comfort which means you will especially appreciate it during times of prolonged use.

The cutting edge could be considered somewhat of a hybrid since it is a combination of Scandi and convex edges. The convex cutting edge combined with the thickness of the Scandi grind and CPM 3V steel provides for excellent edge retention.

This IS a knife you will want if you spend any time in the woods and/or field!

"First Production Run" noted on the right side of the blade.

About CPM 3V Steel

CPM 3V is a high toughness, wear-resistant tool steel made by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process. It is designed to provide maximum resistance to breakage and chipping in a high wear-resistance steel. It offers impact resistance greater than A2, D2, Cru-Wear, or CPM M4, approaching the levels provided by S7 and other shock resistant grades. CPM 3V is intended to be used at 58/60 HRC in applications where chronic breakage and chipping are encountered in other tool steels, but where the wear properties of a high alloy steel are required.

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