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Bravo Survivor


The New Bark River Knives Bravo-Survivor is a compact version of the massive Bravo-III. Bark River Knives has reduced the blade from 12 Inches to a more portable 7.125 inches and converted from 3V in favor of A-2 Tool Steel. The height of the Bravo-Survivor blade is the same as the height of the Bravo-III. Additionally, the Bravo-Survivor is heavy enough for normally encountered chopping tasks in the field and makes light work of an expedient overnight campsite. The cutting and slashing ability is enhanced by the increase of the angle of attack in ratio with the slightly dropped handle.

Make no mistake, the Bravo Survivor is a brute with a blade thickness of .265", a blade height of 1.75" and weighing in at 17.125 ounces! It is a compact powerhouse! Even with all the brawn, the design allows for finer work if needed. The finger choil provides for choking up on the knife so making fuzz-sticks (or other similar tasks) can be done quickly and efficiently. The thumb ramp with jimping provides a place for using a firesteel.

Even though it is a large knife, the Bravo Survivor features a very versatile design making it an ideal knife for every survivalist and outdoorsman.

Manufactured in the USA and covered by Bark River Knives' famous Lifetime Warranty.

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