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Bravo Necker II


The Bravo Necker 2 can be more than a neck knife due to its versatility. It can be setup to be carried as a neck knife, in your pocket, in a pack or on your belt using a leather sheath that is available separately. The included Kydex sheath captures the knife securely with a positive “click” making it ideal for inverted neck carry or as a pocket carry knife.

Not only does the Bravo Necker 2 offer carry versatility, it offers a wide range of uses as well. It makes a superb every day carry knife and is also very capable of field dressing game and doing other light outdoor tasks. It also makes a great backup/conceal carry knife for police and military personnel.

The Bravo Necker 2 is crafted in CPM 3V, a “super steel” known for its superior edge holding and toughness. And as you would expect from Bark River, they are convex-ground. The blade is polished bare and satin-finished, increasing its cutting efficiency by 50% over other knives with powder coated blades.

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