Who needs a chainsaw when you have a Bravo III!? You’ll be shouting, “timberrrr!” as the trees fall from the powerful force of the mighty Bravo 3! Well… maybe that’s a bit of exaggeration, but the Bravo III is Bark River Knives’ largest knife and at 25 ounces, it packs quite a punch! Even though the Bravo III is a very large knife, its uses are many and the outdoorsman will find it a very valuable tool. Obviously its forte is chopping so small tree removal and delimbing are “right up its alley”. The Bravo III is a great tool for the larger tasks of shelter building and it makes a great draw knife as well. Due to its length and blade thickness, larger batoning chores are handled very well by the Bravo III. Do you have a large animal carcass to break down? With its large size, convex grind and razor sharp edge, the Bravo III will slice and chop its way through the largest of game including African wild game.

There are some excellent design features should be pointed out such as the “handle drop” and the finger choil. The downward angle of the handle provides for more power during chopping actions especially when doing “snap” cuts while the finger choil allows your hand to move forward giving you the option of changing the weight balance to suit your use. The finger choil also provides for better blade control in certain situations. The false edge thins the tip down giving the Bravo III better piercing and drilling ability. And of course the Bravo III features the ultra-comfortable handle design that the Bark River Knives’ Bravo series is famous for so you can have a very secure grip and not tire as quickly during use. All in all, the Bravo III is a superbly designed knife capable of handling the largest of outdoor tasks quickly, comfortably and easily.

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