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Bravo 2 (A2 Steel)


The Bark River Knives Bravo-2 is a longer and larger version of the extremely popular Bravo-1. The Bravo-2 has been designed for situations where a larger knife is needed and is still compact enough to make carry easy. The Bravo-2 has the same contoured type handle slabs as the Bravo-1 and is one of the most ergonomically friendly knives you can find of this size.

To understand how the Bravo-2 came to be, we need to look at the history of the BEST selling Bravo-1. The Bravo-1 was developed with the assistance of the Training Unit of the Force Recon Division of the U.S. Marine Corps. These folks bought a large number of knives on the commercial market and tested them without saying anything to any of the makers. The Bark River Gameskeeper came out on top to fit their requirements of a real time, general purpose Survival/Bushcraft knife. Bark River Knives was contacted by them and asked to make a knife based on the Gameskeeper with a few changes. The Bravo-1 was the result of their input.

The handle slabs are epoxied and bolted to and through the blade. All of the Bravo-2 knives have the handle sets attached with bolt sets and they are not removable as the screw slots are ground off when the handles are finished out. There is a lanyard hole/pry tab on the butt end of the knife.

This extraordinary knife is a heavy duty Utility/Fighter/Bushcraft/Survival knife that can stand up to abusive use and keep on going.

This is a great knife for someone serving in active duty military and will serve them well as a fine outdoor knife as a civilian.