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Bravo 1.5 (A2 Steel)


This model of the Bark River Knives Bravo-1.5 is made using the tried and true A2 steel, which Bark River Knives is famous for.

The Bravo 1.5 is a longer version of the extremely popular Bravo-1. The Bravo-1.5 has been produced due to high customer demand. It is a great knife for situations where a larger knife is needed and yet is still compact enough to carry easily. The blade is 5.75 inches which allows the Bravo 1.5 to be used for larger tasks while the great handle design and balance makes it very comfortable to use. The blade length seems to be the “sweet spot” for many who are looking for a heavy duty, easy to carry field knife. Whether you are breaking down an elk carcass in Colorado or batoning firewood at camp in The Northwest Territories, the Bravo 1.5 will handle the tasks quickly and easily.

The Bravo-1.5 has the same contoured type handle slabs as the Bravo-1 and is one of the most ergonomically friendly knives you can find of this size.

This extraordinary knife is a heavy duty Utility/Fighter/Bushcraft/Survival/Hunting knife that can stand up to abusive use and keep on going.

The Bravo 1 knife has gained quite a reputation and following over the years and we are sure that you will be pleased with the performance of the Bravo 1.5 as well.

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