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Bravo 1 Rampless Field Knife (A2 Steel)


The Bravo-1 is a Bark River Knives BEST seller & due to popular demand, it is now being offered in a rampless field version!

The Bravo 1 Field Version features a flat spine profile (no ramp) with "traction grooves" for better control.

The Bravo 1 Field Version takes the Bravo 1 to a new level of versatility for those looking for a superb outdoor knife. Whether you are field dressing large game, battoning wood or building a shelter, the Bravo 1 Field Knife will handle your chores with ease & beg for more! As a direct descendant of the Bravo 1, the Bravo 1 Field Knife builds on the sterling reputation of the Bravo 1 by providing a tough, great handling field knife that is sure to please the most discriminating outdoorsman/woman!

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