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Bravo 1 LT (3V Steel)


The Bravo-1 is a Bark River Knives BEST seller and now it is available in thinner, lighter version... the Bravo 1 LT! Even though the look of the Bravo 1 LT is very much like the original Bravo 1, the feel and handling are that of a completely different knife. These knives feature the very popular CPM 3V steel making it an excellent choice for outdoor hard use. Even though it is thinner than the regular Bravo 1 (.156"), the incredible toughness of CPM 3V steel provides great lateral strength so you end up with a very durable, quick handling knife that holds a great edge. With a thinner blade and Bark River Knives' famous convex grind, the Bravo 1 LT will slice like a cutting laser!

This knife is a winner for the soldier or outdoors-man and will probably end up as a Bark River Knives best seller!

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