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TKC G10 Handle for Becker BK15, 16, 17 - Neon Green & Black

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Guaranteed to transform the look and function of your knife!

Our Becker BK15 BK16 BK17 G10 Handles were designed to provide a solid, comfortable grip for extended use in the field. Special thumb scallops have been provided on both sides of the handle to ensure maximum grip and control. Our Becker BK15 BK16 BK17 G10 Handles feature a sleek, contoured profile so the hand fits naturally and comfortably around the knife handle. Each handle scale is CNC machined from a solid piece of premium G10 material for long dependability. The light textured finish provides excellent grip in slippery use situations, and cleans up easily. Our Becker BK15 BK16 BK17 G10 Handles offer the ultimate combination of comfort, usability, and visual appeal.

Access to the lanyard hole at the back of the handle is preserved, letting you secure your knife with paracord or other methods.

Assembling your new custom handle is quick and easy. Basic instructions and mounting hardware are included.

This handle will work with all Ka-Bar manufactured BK15, BK16, and BK17 Knives and sheaths. All of our Becker Custom Handles carry a lifetime warranty.


G10 is an ultra-resiliant poxy-rosin based material that will withstand hard use scenarios with ease. Micarta handles use canvas, linen, or paper as the binding material, whereas G10 uses sheets of fiberglass for the binding material. Both are excellent choices for knife handle materials, but in lab tests G10 is a bit stronger.

Handle Length:
4 3/4" (12.06 cm)
Handle Material:
Handle Weight:
2.3 oz
Unique Features:
Thumb Scallops
Dale at TKC, thank you for the fast service and high quality G10 scales! These handles are fantastic! They make the cheap plastic Bk 15 handles look and feel well, like cheap plastic! Your scales of G10 fit like a glove in your hands and on the knife. I purchased both the Winter Forest for my BK 7 and I took a chance on your Neon Green and Black G10 scales for my BK 15. I was concerned the cool looking Neon Green would be too over the top Bright Green but when they arrived the color was more toned down than the pictures appeared on your TKC site. They look Fantastic! They would blend in well with a forest or jungle environment very well. I'm very pleased with both my sets. Dale, Thanks Fucker!, now I have to buy more knives and scales from you! Lol I look forward to making more upgrades to my growing collection from you and your Great company. Thank you once again. SKY
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