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Attwood ARM TRD Tactical Rope Dispenser, 50 Ft - FDE

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The Attwood ARM TRD (Tactical Rope Dispenser), is for true emergencies and survival situations when there isn't time to untangle cord. The TRD delivers usable cord dependably when you need it.

  • 50 FT/15 M 550 Paracord - 7 Strand Inner Core (Preloaded)
  • Durable High Carbon Cutting Blade
  • Carry multiple ways: belt, pack, pocket, vehicle
  • Essential for survival situations
  • Rugged Design - Impact Resistant
  • Includes Belt Clip on back
  • Tangle Free Cord Delivery
  • Can Be Reloaded
  • USA Made!

TRD - Tactical rope dispenser: Created by US special ops paratrooper to have usable tangle free cord exactly when needed. In a true emergency or survival situation there isn't time to untangle cord. TRD delivers high strength cord when you need it most and it's built in cutting blade eliminates the need for additional tools.

9 oz
I am surprised by this piece of kit. First hats off to TKC for fast shipping and delivery. Ordered last Thursday and arrived Monday. TKC is excellent. The TRD is a lot bulkier than what it appears on screen. 4 inches high 4 inches wide and 2 3/4 inches thick. So a streamlined piece of kit this is not. The up side is it comes pre spooled with 50 feet of Paracord. I like the concept and it will be on my camp belt but it is a little large. After I get some time using it I will post an update.
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